Workshop - Only One Frame

iPhoneography Workshop

My iPhoneography journey started back in 2012 with an iPhone 4S. Ever since my iPhone has become a visual storytelling tool I use daily to capture beautiful memories of my travels. The simplicity of capturing photos and videos with our iPhones is undeniable, yet without mastering the fundamentals of photography - like seeing the light and nailing the composition - we can't capture visually compelling photos which frankly has a negative impact on the stories we try to tell with our photos.

The 3-days iPhoneography workshop is based on the "learn by doing" principle which will provide you the knowledge and give you the confidence necessary to step up your photography game. Each photo taken is a step toward developing your own artistic vision which is as unique as a fingerprint. Each workshop is limited to max. 4 people to ensure 100% attention is given to each participant so they can get the most out of the workshop.

Besides the fundamentals of photography, you’ll also learn about my “straight out of the camera” approach which allows me to eliminate the need of editing my photos or adding unnecessary filters, and invest all that valuable time into exploring new places and capturing beautiful memories with my iPhone.

Please note that 10% of the profit from each booking goes to charities.

Fee: €300/person 

(12 hours during 3 days, 4 spots per workshop)