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"While most people seem to be busy absorbing the endless impulses of the outer world, I'm profoundly interested in the inner world and the human experience in particular."

There have been three milestones in my life which had a lasting effect on the person I’ve become. Rollerblading for 8 years, the street culture and the mind game involved in executing all those creative tricks has shaped me in so many ways. My reflective nature gave me a distinct advantage and quietly observing the world has become second nature to me. I’ve learned through pain and blood that there is no shame in falling, it’s built in our DNA to stand up and try again until we nail it. This is how we naturally evolve.

Leaving behind Hungary at age 23 with a one-way ticket to start a new life in Ireland without job prospects, friends or knowing anyone opened another chapter in my life. Failure wasn’t an option so I naturally succeeded and managed to start everything from scratch. Years later I applied the same formula when I moved to other countries, and ever since it’s been the foundation of every project I start.

Yet life often presents us with the unexpected which I’ve learned when I found myself laid off from GoPro with a two weeks notice in Portugal back in 2016. I had nowhere to stay, nowhere to go to so I took a leap of faith and embraced the unknown I faced. Losing my sense of security oddly felt liberating, in a toxic work environment where my hard work and genuine intention to help out others were not appreciated at all there wasn’t future for me so I was excited to leave.

Hitting the road with a camera backpack, a suitcase and a one-way bus ticket to Spain opened another chapter in my life. A journey without destination, living from a suitcase and a backpack required me to lower my comfort level and adapting to this new reality took a long time. It was a humbling experience, appreciation and gratitude became the anchors of my day, my every day. Yet as I kept traveling from one city or country to another one every few weeks my ongoing travels gradually turned into an inner journey. Spending most of my time in solitude was soothing for my soul and a powerful catalyst for my creativity. My photography has tremendously benefitted from the 100% focus I gave to my craft. It was the beginning of a prosperous new era which has led to countless insights about myself, my potentials, my fears, and what I tolerate and what not.

Little did I know that later on a particular day while hiking alone in Spain I’d find my inner peace despite the tremendous insecurity I was dealing with. The profound peace, the clarity of mind and the silence within I experienced at that moment has changed everything. In the coming weeks and months my purpose in life has become clear and the compass within, my inner voice has been guiding me ever since. I’ve also learned to accept and love myself which I later realized was a stepping stone to fulfill my purpose in life.

Stepping away from a designed life, questioning the status quo and preconceived ideas, and consciously choosing experiences over conformity have become the foundation of my new chosen path. Traveling through space and time as a nomad allows me to patiently observe, listen, learn, and with simple questions gently guide others to dig deeper for finding real answers. Through their stories and findings, I can grasp a deeper understanding of life, and learn more about the human experience from others’ perspective.

My humbleness, my chill attitude, my contentment with life, the artistic sensitivity I possess and the peaceful positive loving energy I radiate has a calming effect on those I encounter during my ongoing travels. My way of life is often perceived as a digital monk, combining a liberal zen-like quality with a unique ability to create waves without moving.

10% Donation

"Helping others with the fruit of my hard work and passion is living."

There is no greater joy than giving generously to those who are less fortunate than us. Education, housing, food, clean water are just a few things which millions out there have no access to. Deforestation is another serious concern which has a direct impact on the quality of air around the globe. I just hope that my humble contribution - 10% of the profit made of each booking is donated to the charities listed below - to address these issues will inspire others to step up and join me in acknowledging our responsibility to help those in need and protect our planet.